Speciality Lampshades Backings - Clear, Double Sided and Premium Thick White

This year I'm so excited to really launch my new range of specialty backings for lampshades.

I now carry Premium White Thick Lampshade Card - This extra rigid card performs best for shades which are long and tall,  as well as the larger diameter shades such as the 45cm, 50cm and 55cm lampshades -  The additional wall strength means the shade will be more resistant to knocks and bumps.  I strongly encourage all interior design and professional jobs to invest in this backing due to its over all strength and durability.

'Glass' Clear Lampshade Card Backing - This is great for solid colours, or fabrics with equally interesting back faces of fabrics - and really allows a brilliant glow though, due to the complete translucency.  This is an absolute luxurious backing, and sits in a higher pricepoint, but well worth the money! It is fab!

Lastly! Double Sided Lampshade Card Lampshades - a Delight  - These are my personal favourite to make, and I absolutely love making these for ceiling lampshades!
Teaming it up with a plain linen you can get some marvelous results. My preference, putting the design on the inside, as when you look up at the ceiling you see inside it, with the linen on the outside  -and when you turn the light on, the inside image shines through. Just delish! This material is the same thinkness as the premium white so also possesses the same qualities and recommendations for use.

I can make Drums, Cones, Tapered Drums, Coolies, and Special order specialty rings such as Squares, Hexagon, Rectangle 'ring' sets.

If you are a lampshade maker yourself, or would like to try make some shades on your own, I'm happy to sell you some backing materials or ringsets - pop over to make your own in the bespoke lampshade shop tab!

For a quote on any of these backings, get in touch - Livslamps@outlook.com!