Revamp your Lamp | Livslamps | Melbourne Lampshade Maker

LivsLamps was born from the frustration of not being able to hang art in rentals properties of Melbourne, I wanted to bring a pop to peoples houses in the form of art.

When I make my Lampshades, I build them from Scratch.
All Lampshades are handmade by me, with LivsLamps love.
I am constantly searching for new materials, I can make your Lampshade idea a reality.
Check out my lovely selection of my favourite fabrics lampshades ready to go to your home,
I can revamp your existing lamp shade, or create you a new shade for your favourite lamp base.
Tall, short, thick, wide, I can make, or re create your shade for you.
Based in Mulgrave, South East Melbourne Region, in Victoria Australia,  I can't wait to light up your room!