Gorgeous Holly Sanders Women On Country Lampshades. Used respectfully with permission from Holly herself 'This work represents sandhills and Country, symbolising a connection to the land and ocean. The warm natural colours represent the sand, ochre and colours of the Country. This artwork celebrates ocean Country and the importance of sand environments that provided an abundance of wild food and resources to trade and share. The smaller ‘U’ shaped patterns throughout symbolise people, who pass on the knowledge of ocean Country to their jarjums (children). This is an important tradition where sand art, a common art form in coastal areas, is used to create a temporary picture and story and was then washed away by the next high tide." I am proud to make these shades as a non indigenous accomplice. This talent is all Holly and the brilliance her art she brings into our lives, and homes. Available in our most popular sizes & shapes. These shades are made with a Standard White liner. Lampshades come with 40cm utility ring with a reducer to fit 27mm fittings. A Harp fitting (also known as washer or finial) can also be added, add a note in the cart for this fitting. The wall sconce comes with a 27mm fitting, and the candle clip has, well, a clip that fits on the bulb. Be sure to use LED globes. Please get in touch if you wish to have alternative dimensions, or to organise Clear, Gold, Bronze or Double sided shades via the custom order form for a quote. I am doing my personal best to best educate myself to be the best ally to our First Nations people, our Indigenous Australians, beyond tokenistic gestures. I actively support follow and engage with amazing artists, performers and content creators to ensure their voices are heard, and I listen, and I am constantly questioning the use of indigenous fabrics in my shades, and actively seek permission from the artists where I can. I do not take living on stolen land for granted. Livslamps acknowledges and pays my respect to the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, waters and sky and community. Those who have lived sustainably and thrived on the land we call now call Australia for over 60,000 years. I pay my respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging.

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Size & Shape: *
  • Cylinder 15cm Ø x 18cm
  • Cylinder 18cm Ø x 20cm
  • Drum 20cm Ø x 18cm
  • Drum 22cm Ø x 20cm
  • Drum 25cm Ø x 20cm
  • Drum 28cm Ø x 22cm
  • Drum 30cm Ø x 22cm
  • Drum 32cm Ø x 22cm
  • Drum 35cm Ø x 22cm
  • Cylinder 35cm Ø x 40cm
  • Drum 38cm Ø x 24cm
  • Drum 40cm Ø x 24cm
  • Drum 42cm Ø x 24cm
  • Drum 45cm Ø x 27cm
  • Drum 50cm Ø x 30cm
  • Drum 55cm Ø x 32cm
  • Empire - 25cm b x 20cm t x 20cm h
  • Empire - 30cm b x 25cm t x 25cm h
  • Empire - 35cm b x 30cm t x 30cm h
  • Empire - 40cm b x 35cm t x 35cm h
  • Coolie - 30cm b x 15cm t x 20cm h
  • Coolie - 45cm b x 20cm t x 25cm h
  • Tall Empire - 18cm b x 12cm t x 18cm h
  • Tall Empire - 25cm b x 15cm t x 25cm h
  • Tall Empire - 30cm b x 20cm t x 30cm h
  • Tall Empire - 35cm b x 25cm t x 35cm h
  • Tall Empire - 40cm b x 30cm t x 40cm h
  • Shallow Tapered Drum - 42cm b x 35cm t x 30cm h
  • Candle Clip Shade 14.5cm b x 7.7cm t x 13cm h
  • Wall Sconce (Half Shade) 36cm w x 19.5cm h x 15cm
Lampshade Orientation: *