Double sided Lampshade Backing Card - Also known as Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Styrene, Lampshade Paper, Stick IT. Double Sided Lampshade Backing, allowing you to make double sided shades! This is sold in widths of 50cm x 150cm. When purchasing 2 x 50cm x 150cm - this will be cut in a continuous length - 1m x 150cm ie. 3 x the qty is 150cm x 150cm 4 x = 200cm x 150cm 5 x = 250cm x 150cm. and so on to the qty you continuously order. Features Adhesive both sides Engineered for lampshade making Fire resistance Complies with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaries Passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association Anti-static treated to minimise attraction of dust. UV stabilised - Anti Yellowing High impact strength Exceptional tear resistance. Reach Certificated Manufactured in the UK

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